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  • Discharge Ignition in the Diaphragm Configuration Supplied by DC Non-Pulsing Voltage 

    Holíková, Lenka; Dřímalková, Lucie; Kozáková, Zdenka; Krčma, František (IOP Publishing, 2016-05-17)
    This work deals with the ignition of the discharge in the diaphragm configuration generated in water solutions containing supporting NaCl electrolyte. The reactor has volume of 110 ml and it is made of polycarbonate. HV ...
  • Influence of diaphragm configuration on DC diaphragm discharge breakdown in electrolyte solution 

    Dřímalková, Lucie; Holíková, Lenka; Kozáková, Zdenka; Krčma, František; Guaitella, Olivier (IOP Publishing, 2016-11-04)
    This paper deals with generation of diaphragm discharge in water solutions of sodium chloride with fixed conductivity of 275 microS. The photos were recorded by high-speed iCCD camera at defined times synchronized by the ...
  • Remote operation of the GOLEM tokamak with hydrogen and helium plasmas 

    Svoboda, Vojtěch; Dvornova, Anastasiia; Dejarnac, Renaud; Procházka, Michal; Zapryanov, Stanislav; Akhmetzhanov, Ruslan; Bogdanova, Maria; Dimitrova, Miglena; Dimitrov, Zhivko; Dřímalková, Lucie; Ivanov, Krasimir; Kruglov, Kirill; Marinova, Plamena; Masherov, Pavel; Mogulkin, Andrey; Mlynář, Jan; Stockel, Jan; Volynets, Andrey (IOP Science, 2016-11-04)
    The GOLEM tokamak was operated remotely via internet connection during the 6th International Workshop and Summer School on Plasma Physics. Performances of hydrogen and helium discharges are compared in this paper. It is ...