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  • Aerosol Flow Homogenization in the Spray Polyphenylene Vinylene Thin Film Deposition 

    Milenkov, Viktor; Vrchotová, Jana; Zhivkov, Ivaylo; Yordanov, Rumen S.; Vala, Martin; Mladenova, Daniela; Weiter, Martin (IOP Publishing, 2014-05-15)
    Two different spray deposition (SD) techniques were compared on polyvinylene (MDMO-PPV) used as a model material. SD and homogenized (h-SD) techniques were compared. Films of about 1 micron thickness were prepared by SD ...
  • Aggregation behavior of novel hyaluronan derivatives-a fluorescence probe study 

    Mravec, Filip; Pekař, Miloslav; Velebný, Vladimír (Springer-Verlag, 2008-11-01)
    Aggregation properties of hydrophobized hyaluronan (hHA) in different molecular weights and degree of substitution were studied by pyrene and perylene fluorescence method. The critical aggregation concentration (cac) was ...
  • Application of low temperature plasmas for restoration/conservation of archaeological objects 

    Krčma, František; Blahová, Lucie; Miková, Petra; Graham, William; Grossmannová, Hana; Holíková, Lenka; Horák, Jakub; Janová, Drahomíra; Kelsey, Colin Patrick; Kozáková, Zdenka; Mazánková, Věra; Procházka, Michal; Přikryl, Radek; Řádková, Lucie; Sázavská, Věra; Vašíček, Michal; Veverková, Radka; Zmrzlý, Martin (IOP Publishing, 2014-12-18)
    The low temperature low-pressure hydrogen based plasmas were used to study the influence of processes and discharge conditions on corrosion removal. The capacitive coupled RF discharge in the continuous or pulsed regime ...
  • Atomic force microscopy analysis of nanoparticles in non-ideal conditions 

    Klapetek, Petr; Valtr, Miroslav; Nečas, David; Salyk, Ota; Dzik, Petr (Springer Open, 2011-08-30)
    Nanoparticles are often measured using atomic force microscopy or other scanning probe microscopy methods. For isolated nanoparticles on flat substrates, this is a relatively easy task. However, in real situations, we often ...
  • Barrier SiO2-like coatings for archaeological artefacts preservation 

    Procházka, Michal; Blahová, Lucie; Krčma, František (IOP Publishing, 2016-11-04)
    Thin film chemical vapour deposition technique has been used for more than 50 years. Introducing organosilicones as precursors, e.g. hexamethyldisiloxane (HMDSO) or tetraethylorthosilicate (TEOS), brought new possibilities ...
  • Cold-setting Inkjet Printed Titania Patterns Reinforced by Organosilicate Binder 

    Králová, Marcela; Dzik, Petr; Kašpárek, Vít; Veselý, Michal; Cihlář, Jaroslav (MDPI, 2015-09-11)
    Preparation of photocatalytic active layers by cold-setting inkjet printing. Comparison of printed, UV-cured and sintered layers; their physical properties, as well as, photocatalytic and electrophotocatalytic properties.
  • Comparative Study of Binding Behaviour of Cu(II) with Humic Acid and Simple Organic Compounds by Ultrasound Spectrometry 

    Klučáková, Martina (Bentham Science Publihers, 2011-11-12)
    Several simple organic (hydroxy)acids as models of principal functional moieties of humic acids and the copper ion as a model ion were used to investigate the metal-humic interactions. The quantum chemical calculations ...
  • Complexation of Copper(II) with Humic Acids Studied by Ultrasound Spectrometry 

    Klučáková, Martina (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2012-05-14)
    Copper biogeochemistry is controlled by bonding to natural organic matter. The soluble forms of bonded copper can be more biologically active due to the higher migration in environmental systems and instability of some ...
  • Compositional and Temperature Effects on the Rheological Properties of Polyelectrolyte–Surfactant Hydrogels 

    Smilek, Jiří; Jarábková, Sabína; Velcer, Tomáš; Pekař, Miloslav (MDPI, 2019-05-27)
    The rheological properties of hydrogels prepared by physical interactions between oppositely charged polyelectrolyte and surfactant in micellar form were studied. Specifically, hyaluronan was employed as a negatively charged ...
  • DC Underwater Capillary Discharge With Symmetrical Hole: Diagnostics and Pumping Effect 

    Totová, Ivana; Krčma, František; Nikiforov, Anton; Leys, Christophe (IOP Publishing, 2014-06-03)
    Capillary discharge investigated by this work was created in the reactor using positive half-cycle of AC high voltage up to 2 kV. Electric field was created between two electrodes which were separated by the dielectric ...
  • Destruction of Direct Blue 106 Dye in Underwater Discharge 

    Němcová, Lucie; Krčma, František; Nikiforov, Anton; Leys, Christophe (IOP Publishing, 2014-06-03)
    An application of underwater discharge is one possible way how make the destruction of organic dyes. This contribution presents results of Direct Blue 106 destruction in discharge generated in bubbles. The initial conductivity ...
  • Detailed balance in reaction kinetics - consequence of mass conservation? 

    Pekař, Miloslav (Springer-Verlag, 2007-01-01)
    Detailed balance condition for triangular isomerisation mechanism is derived from the more general permanence of atoms, consequently, it should be viewed as a special equilibrium result of mass conservation.
  • Determination of Critical Parameters of Drug Substance Influencing Dissolution: A Case Study 

    Bojňanská, Erika; Kalina, Michal; Pařízek, Ladislav; Bartoníčková, Eva; Opravil, Tomáš; Veselý, Michal; Pekař, Miloslav; Jampílek, Josef (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2014-09-15)
    The purpose of this study was to specify critical parameters (physicochemical characteristics) of drug substance that can affect dissolution profile/dissolution rate of the final drug product manufactured by validated ...
  • Discharge Ignition in the Diaphragm Configuration Supplied by DC Non-Pulsing Voltage 

    Holíková, Lenka; Dřímalková, Lucie; Kozáková, Zdenka; Krčma, František (IOP Publishing, 2016-05-17)
    This work deals with the ignition of the discharge in the diaphragm configuration generated in water solutions containing supporting NaCl electrolyte. The reactor has volume of 110 ml and it is made of polycarbonate. HV ...
  • Effect of Hydrogen Plasma on Model Corrosion Layers of Bronze 

    Miková, Petra; Sázavská, Věra; Mika, Filip; Krčma, František (IOP Publishing, 2016-05-17)
    Our work is about plasmachemical reduction of model corrosion layers. The model corrosion layers were produced on bronze samples with size of 10 x 10 x 5 mm3, containing Cu and Sn. Concentrated hydrochloric acid was used ...
  • An Electrochemical NO2 Sensor Based on Ionic Liquid: Influence of the Morphology of the Polymer Electrolyte on Sensor Sensitivity 

    Kuberský, Petr; Altšmíd, Jakub; Hamáček, Aleš; Nešpůrek, Stanislav; Zmeškal, Oldřich (MDPI, 2015-11-11)
    A systematic study was carried out to investigate the effect of ionic liquid in solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) and its layer morphology on the characteristics of an electrochemical amperometric nitrogen dioxide sensor. ...
  • Excitation of Mercury Atoms in Nitrogen Post-Discharge 

    Krčma, František; Bocková, Ivana; Mazánková, Věra; Soural, Ivo; Hrdlička, Aleš; Kanický, Viktor (IOP Publishing, 2014-06-03)
    The work presents results obtained during spectroscopic observations of nitrogen DC flowing post-discharges at the total gas pressure of 1000 Pa and at the discharge current of 100 mA. Mercury traces were introduced into ...
  • Fluoride Anion Binding by Natural Lignite (South Moravian Deposit of Vienna Basin) 

    Pekař, Miloslav (Springer-Verlag, 2009-01-01)
    Natural lignite from South Moravia was tested for the sorption of fluoride anion in concentration range from 0.05 to 0.8 mmol/l. The lignite removes majority of fluorides and only about 13% of sorption is reversible upon ...
  • How Humic Acids Affect the Rheological and Transport Properties of Hydrogels 

    Klučáková, Martina; Smilek, Jiří; Sedláček, Petr (MDPI, 2019-04-19)
    Humic acids are often regarded as substances with a supramolecular structure which plays an important role in Nature. Their addition into hydrogels can affect their behavior and functioning in different applications. This ...
  • Influence of diaphragm configuration on DC diaphragm discharge breakdown in electrolyte solution 

    Dřímalková, Lucie; Holíková, Lenka; Kozáková, Zdenka; Krčma, František; Guaitella, Olivier (IOP Publishing, 2016-11-04)
    This paper deals with generation of diaphragm discharge in water solutions of sodium chloride with fixed conductivity of 275 microS. The photos were recorded by high-speed iCCD camera at defined times synchronized by the ...