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  • Wavelet Co-movement Significance Testing with Respect to Gaussian White Noise Background 

    Poměnková, Jitka; Klejmová, Eva; Malach, Tobiáš (Helenic Military Academy, 2018-01-09)
    The paper deals with significance testing of time series co-movement measured via time-frequency approach. We use the wavelet analysis for estimation of the co/cross-spectra for the co-movement analysis. This technique is ...
  • Wideband UHF and SHF long-range channel characterization 

    Kassem, Edward; Blumenstein, Jiří; Povalač, Aleš; Vychodil, Josef; Pospíšil, Martin; Maršálek, Roman; Hruška, Jiří (Springer Open, 2019-07-23)
    This paper presents an outdoor long-range (from 315 m up to 5.3 km) fixed channel campaign for both ultra high frequency and super high frequency bands with co-polarized horizontal and vertical antenna configurations. It ...