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  • High-contrast differentiation resolution 3D imaging of rodent brain by X-ray computed microtomography 

    Zikmund, Tomáš; Novotná, Marie; Kavková, Michaela; Tesařová, Markéta; Kaucká, Markéta; Szarowská, Bára; Adameyko, Igor; Hrubá, Eva; Buchtová, Marcela; Dražanová, Eva; Starčuk, Zenon; Kaiser, Jozef (IOP Publishing, 2018-02-22)
    The biomedically focused brain research is largely performed on laboratory mice considering a high homology between the human and mouse genomes. A brain has an intricate and highly complex geometrical structure that is ...
  • Use of micro computed-tomography and 3D printing for reverse engineering of mouse embryo nasal capsule 

    Tesařová, Markéta; Zikmund, Tomáš; Kaucká, Markéta; Adameyko, Igor; Jaroš, Josef; Paloušek, David; Škaroupka, David; Kaiser, Jozef (IOP Publishing, 2016-03-02)
    Imaging of increasingly complex cartilage in vertebrate embryos is one of the key tasks of developmental biology. This is especially important to study shape-organizing processes during initial skeletal formation and growth. ...