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  • Electronic Nose In Edible Insects Area 

    Adámek, Martin; Adámková, Anna; Borkovcová, Marie; Mlček, Jiří; Bednářová, Martina; Kouřimská, Lenka; Skácel, Josef; Řezníček, Michal (HACCP Consulting, 2017-07-14)
    Edible insect is appraised by many cultures as delicious and nutritionally beneficial food. In western countries this commodity is not fully appreciated, and the worries about edible insect food safety prevail. Electronic ...
  • The estimated possibilities of process monitoring in milk production by the simple thermodynamic sensors 

    Adámek, Martin; Adámková, Anna; Řezníček, Michal; Kouřimská, Lenka (Association HACCP Consultin, 2016-12-19)
    The characterization and monitoring of thermal processes in thermodynamic systems can be performed using the thermodynamic sensors (TDS). The basic idea of thermodynamic sensor is possible to use in many various applications ...