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  • Sarcosine as a potential prostate cancer biomarker – A review 

    Cernei, Natalia Vladimirovna; Heger, Zbyněk; Gumulec, Jaromír; Zítka, Ondřej; Masařík, Michal; Babula, Petr; Eckschlager, Tomáš; Stiborová, Marie; Kizek, René; Adam, Vojtěch (MDPI, 2013-07-04)
    Prostate cancer (CaP) is the most common type of tumour disease in men. Early diagnosis of cancer of the prostate is very important, because the sooner the cancer is detected, the better it is treated. According to that ...
  • Study of Linkage between Glutathione Pathway and the Antibiotic Resistance of Escherichia coli from Patients’ Swabs 

    Komínková, Markéta; Kizek, René; Michálek, Petr; Číhalová, Kristýna; Guráň, Roman; Cernei, Natalia Vladimirovna; Nejdl, Lukáš; Šmerková, Kristýna; Dostálová, Simona; chudobova, Dagmar; Heger, Zbyněk; Veselý, Radek; Gumulec, Jaromír; Kynický, Jindřich; Xhaxhiu, Kledi; Zítka, Ondřej; Adam, Vojtěch (MDPI, 2015-05-31)
    In this work, we focused on the differences between bacterial cultures of E. coli obtained from swabs of infectious wounds of patients compared to laboratory E. coli. In addition, blocking of the protein responsible for ...