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  • Complexes of silver(I) ions and silver phosphate nanoparticles with hyaluronic acid and/or chitosan as promising antimicrobial agents for vascular grafts 

    Hegerová, Dagmar; Nejdl, Lukáš; Gumulec, Jaromír; Kryštofová, Olga; Merlos Rodrigo, Miguel Ángel; Kynický, Jindřich; Ruttkay-Nedecký, Branislav; Kopel, Pavel; Babula, Petr; Adam, Vojtěch; Kizek, René (MDPI, 2013-06-28)
    Polymers are currently widely used to replace a variety of natural materials with respect to their favourable physical and chemical properties, and due to their economic advantage. One of the most important branches of ...
  • The Role of Metallothionein in Oxidative Stress 

    Ruttkay-Nedecký, Branislav; Nejdl, Lukáš; Gumulec, Jaromír; Zítka, Ondřej; Masařík, Michal; Eckschlager, Tomáš; Stiborová, Marie; Adam, Vojtěch; Kizek, René (MDPI, 2013-03-15)
    Free radicals are chemical particles containing one or more unpaired electrons, which may be part of the molecule. They cause the molecule to become highly reactive. The free radicals are also known to play a dual role in ...