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  • Optimization of Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Waste Bread before Fermentation 

    Hudečková, Helena; Šupinová, Petra; Ing. Mgr. Libor Babák, Ph.D., MBA (Mendel University Press, 2017-02-28)
    Finding of optimal hydrolysis conditions is important for increasing the yield of saccharides. The higher yield of saccharides is usable for increase of the following fermentation effectivity. In this study optimal conditions ...
  • Use of Lignocellulosic Materials for PHA Production 

    Obruča, Stanislav; Benešová, Pavla; Márová, Ivana (Croatian Society Of Chemical Engineers, 2015-07-27)
    Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) are very promising materials that might serve as an environmentally friendly alternative to petrochemical plastics. The main obstacle preventing PHAs from entering the market massively is the ...
  • Accumulation of Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) Helps Bacterial Cells to Survive Freezing 

    Obruča, Stanislav; Sedláček, Petr; Mravec, Filip; Kučera, Dan; Benešová, Pavla; Márová, Ivana (PLoS, 2016-06-17)
    Accumulation of polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) seems to be a common metabolic strategy adopted by many bacteria to cope with cold environments. This work aimed at evaluating and understanding the cryoprotective effect of PHB. ...