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  • Low-frequency noise measurements used for quality assessment of GaSb based laser diodes prepared by molecular beam epitaxy 

    Chobola, Zdeněk; Luňák, Miroslav; Vaněk, Jiří; Hulicius, Eduard; Kusák, Ivo (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the Slovak University of Technology, 2015-08-01)
    The paper reports on a non-destructive method of reliability prediction for semiconductor lasers diodes GaSb based VCSE. Transport and noise characteristic of forward biased were measured in order to evaluate the new MBE ...
  • Sodno-iontové akumulátory - budoucnost a aktuální vývoj 

    Libich, Jiří; Sedlaříková, Marie; Vondrák, Jiří; Máca, Josef; Čech, Ondřej; Fíbek, Michal; Čudek, Pavel; Chekannikov, Andrey; Fafilek, Günter (NZEE, 2019-05-15)
    The lithium-ion technology is widely known and spread technology. The based of this technology lies on transport of lithium ions during charging or discharging from one electrode to the other, this principle is call “rocking ...