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  • The Effect of Shielding Barriers on Solar Air Collector Gains 

    Šikula, Ondřej; Plášek, Josef; Hirš, Jiří (Elsevier, 2013-08-22)
    The paper deals with numerical simulations of the impact of location and orientation of the solar air collector located on the roof of a building and on its thermal performance. The solar collector is used to preheat an ...
  • Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Heat Gains in the Heating Season 

    Šikula, Ondřej; Plášek, Josef; Hirš, Jiří (Elsevier, 2012-03-08)
    This paper is concerned with the description and verification of an energy model of a building using the BSim software. The aim is to determine the effect of the basic heat gains on the energy consumption of a building. ...