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  • Using UAV-Based Photogrammetry to Obtain Correlation between the Vegetation Indices and Chemical Analysis of Agricultural Crops 

    Janoušek, Jiří; Jambor, Václav; Marcoň, Petr; Dohnal, Přemysl; Synková, Hana; Fiala, Pavel (MDPI, 2021-05-11)
    The optimum corn harvest time differs between individual harvest scenarios, depending on the intended use of the crop and on the technical equipment of the actual farm. It is therefore economically significant to specify ...
  • Spin stress contribution to the lattice dynamics of FePt 

    von Reppert, Alexander; Willig, Lisa; Pudell, Jan Etienne; Zeuschner, Steffen Peer; Sellge, Gabriel; Ganss, Fabian; Hellwig, Olaf; Arregi Uribeetxebarria, Jon Ander; Uhlíř, Vojtěch; Crut, Aurelien; Bargheer, Matias (AAAS, 2020-06-01)
    Invar-behavior occurring in many magnetic materials has long been of interest to materials science. Here, we show not only invar behavior of a continuous film of FePt but also even negative thermal expansion of FePt ...
  • The Effect of the Thermosensitive Biodegradable PLGA–PEG–PLGA Copolymer on the Rheological, Structural and Mechanical Properties of Thixotropic Self-Hardening Tricalcium Phosphate Cement 

    Vojtová, Lucy; Michlovská, Lenka; Valová, Kristýna; Zbončák, Marek; Trunec, Martin; Částková, Klára; Krtička, Milan; Pavliňáková, Veronika; Poláček, Petr; Dzurov, Matej; Lukášová, Věra; Rampichová, Michala; Suchý, Tomáš; Sedláček, Radek; Ginebra, Maria-Pau; Montufar Jimenez, Edgar Benjamin (MDPI, 2019-01-17)
    The current limitations of calcium phosphate cements (CPCs) used in the field of bone regeneration consist of their brittleness, low injectability, disintegration in body fluids and low biodegradability. Moreover, no method ...
  • Measurements of 181Ta(n,2n)180Ta reaction cross-section at the neutron energy of 14.78 MeV 

    Soni, B.; Parashari, S.; Mukherjee, S.; Makwana, R.; Mehta, M.; Chauhan, Rakesh; Suryanarayana, S.V.; Pasha, I.; Danu, L.S.; Naik, H.; Nayak, B.K.; Varmuža, Jan; Katovský, Karel (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research - National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources, 2020-04-30)
    The cross-section of the 181Ta(n,2n)180Ta reaction has been measured with respect to the 197Au(n,2n)196Au monitor reaction at the incident neutron energy of 14.78± 0.20 MeV, using neutron activation analysis and off-line ...
  • Measurement of (n,) reaction cross section of W-186-isotope at neutron energy of 20.02±0.58 MeV 

    Mehta, M.; Singh, N.L.; Makwana, R.; Subhash, P.V.; Suryanarayana, S.V.; Parashari, S.; Chauhan, Rakesh; Singh, R.K.; Naik, H.; Mukherjee, S.; Soni, B.; Khirwadkar, S.; Varmuža, Jan; Katovský, Karel (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research - National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources, 2020-05-30)
    The cross-section of 186W(n,)187W reaction has been measured at an average neutron energy of 20.02±0.58 MeV by using activation technique. The 27Al(n,)24Na and 115In(n,n´)115mIn reactions have been used for absolute neutron ...

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