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  • Thin TiO2Coatings by ALD Enhance the Cell Growth on TiO2Nanotubular and Flat Substrates 

    Motola, Martin; Čapek, Jan; Zazpe Mendioroz, Raúl; Bačová, Jana; Hromádko, Luděk; Brůčková, Lenka; Ng, Siow Woon; Handl, Jiří; Spotz, Zdeněk; Knotek, Petr; Baishya, Kaushik; Majtnerová, Pavlína; Přikryl, Jan; Sopha, Hanna Ingrid; Roušar, Tomáš; Macák, Jan (American Chemical Society, 2020-09-21)
    The present work exploits Ti sheets and TiO2 nanotube (TNT) layers and their surface modifications for the proliferation of different cells. Ti sheets with a native oxide layer, Ti sheets with a crystalline thermal oxide ...
  • Laser-induced crystallization of anodic TiO(2)nanotube layers 

    Sopha, Hanna Ingrid; Mirza, Inam; Turčičová, Hana; Pavliňák, David; Michalička, Jan; Krbal, Miloš; Rodriguez Pereira, Jhonatan; Hromádko, Luděk; Novák, Ondřej; Mužík, Jiří; Smrž, Martin; Kolíbalová, Eva; Goodfriend, Nathan; Bulgakova, Nadezhda; Mocek, Tomáš; Macák, Jan (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2020-06-09)
    In this study, crystallization of amorphous TiO(2)nanotube (TNT) layers upon optimized laser annealing is shown. The resulting anatase TNT layers do not show any signs of deformation or melting. The crystallinity of the ...
  • Intrinsic properties of high -aspect ratio single- and double -wall anodic TiO 2 nanotube layers annealed at different temperatures 

    Motola, Martin; Hromádko, Luděk; Přikryl, Jan; Sopha, Hanna Ingrid; Krbal, Miloš; Macák, Jan (Elsevier, 2020-08-20)
    TiO2 nanotube layers of different thicknesses and tube wall morphologies exploited. Single-wall nanotubes were obtained by chemical etching of double-wall ones. Photocurrents, structure, optical and electronic properties ...
  • 3D-printed electrodes for the detection of mycotoxins in food 

    Nasir, Muhammad Zafir Mohamad; Novotný, Filip; Alduhaish, Osamah; Pumera, Martin (Elsevier, 2020-06-01)
    Additive manufacturing, also termed 3D printing, enables economical, dynamic and rapid fabrication of customisable three-dimensional (3D) devices catering for specialised functions. Herein, we report the fabrication of ...
  • How levelling and scan line corrections ruin roughness measurement and how to prevent it 

    Nečas, David; Valtr, Miroslav; Klapetek, Petr (Springer Nature, 2020-09-17)
    Surface roughness plays an important role in various fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology. However, the present practices in roughness measurements, typically based on some Atomic Force Microscopy measurements for ...

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