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  • Fundamental Limit of Plasmonic Cathodoluminescence 

    Schmidt, Franz; Losquin, Arthur; Horák, Michal; Hohenester, Ulrich; Stöger-Pollach, Michael; Krenn, Joachim (American Chemical Society, 2021-01-13)
    We use cathodoluminescence (CL) spectroscopy in a transmission electron microscope to probe the radial breathing mode of plasmonic silver nanodisks. A two-mirror detection system sandwiching the sample collects the CL ...

    Kumpová, Ivana; Fíla, Tomáš; Koudelka, Petr; Rozsypalová, Iva; Keršner, Zbyněk; Kytýř, Daniel; Vopálenský, Michal; Vavřík, Daniel (CTU in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering, 2020-04-01)
    Quasi-brittle materials like cement-based composites, rocks, and bricks are subjected to a number of environmental loadings throughout the life cycle of buildings. For instance, fluctuation of the ambient temperature ...
  • Luminescent Er3+doped transparent alumina ceramics 

    Drdlíková, Katarina; Klement, Róbert; Drdlík, Daniel; Spusta, Tomáš; Galusek, Dušan; Maca, Karel (Elsevier, 2017-07-01)
    We report on successful preparation of Er3+doped transparent alumina (0.1–0.17 at.%) exhibiting visible light photoluminescence using wet shaping method and hot isostatic pressing. The effects of dopantamount, type of ...
  • Optical, mechanical and fractographic response of transparent alumina ceramics on erbium doping 

    Drdlík, Daniel; Drdlíková, Katarina; Hadraba, Hynek; Maca, Karel (Elsevier, 2017-11-01)
    Alumina ceramics found their utilisation in many applications which can be further extend by attaining functional properties; in our case the transparency obtained through precise processing and photoluminescence due to ...
  • Methodology and applications of elemental mapping by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy 

    Limbeck, Andreas; Brunnbauer, Lukas; Lohninger, Hans; Pořízka, Pavel; Modlitbová, Pavlína; Kaiser, Jozef; Janovszky, Patrick; Keri, Anita; Galbács, Gábor (ELSEVIER, 2021-02-22)
    In the last few years, LIBS has become an established technique for the assessment of elemental concentrations in various sample types. However, for many applications knowledge about the overall elemental composition is ...

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