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  • Rozsáhlé defekty v nitridech Ga a Al 

    Vacek, Petr
    III-nitridy běžně krystalizují v hexagonální (wurtzitové) struktuře, zatímco kubická (sfaleritová) struktura je metastabilní a má pouze mírně vyšší energii. Jejich fyzikální vlastnosti jsou silně ovlivněny přítomností ...
  • Submergence coefficient of full-width sharp-edged broad-crested rectangular weirs 

    Zachoval, Zbyněk; Major, Jakub; Roušar, Ladislav; Rumann, Ján; Šulc, Jan; Jandora, Jan (VEDA, SLOVAK ACAD SCIENCES, 2019-10-01)
    Full-width sharp-edged broad-crested rectangular weirs in the range 0.1 < h/L <= 0.3 situated in rectangular channels are frequently used in submerged flow conditions. To determine the discharge for the submerged flow, ...
  • Boscovich fuzzy regression line 

    Škrabánek, Pavel; Marek, Jaroslav; Pozdílková, Alena (MDPI, 2021-03-23)
    We introduce a new fuzzy linear regression method. The method is capable of approximating fuzzy relationships between an independent and a dependent variable. The independent and dependent variables are expected to be a ...

    Kotek, Luboš; Trávníček, Petr; Tůma, Zdeněk; Novotný, Lubomír (Technical university of Ostrava, 2019-01-07)
    The inappropriate adaptation of the machinery to human properties and abilities may result both in physiological effects on the operator (e.g. muscle skeletal damage) resulting, for example, from inappropriate body posture, ...
  • Characterization of the native oxide on CdTe surfaces 

    Sobola, Dinara; Kaspar, Pavel; Nebojsa, Alois; Hemzal, Dušan; Grmela, Lubomír; Smith, Steve J. (Sciendo, 2019-05-29)
    This study focuses on the description of oxidation of CdTe monocrystal surfaces after selective chemical etching. Measurements of surface morphology of the oxides occurring in short time are valuable for deeper understanding ...

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