Recent Submissions

  • The best housing estate in Czechoslovakia 

    Guzdek, Adam (IOP Publishing, 2021-12-02)
    The Brno housing estate Lesna is undoubtedly an important achievement of Czechoslovak urbanism and architecture of the 1960s. It was built on the southern slopes north of Brno in 1962–1970 according to a project by a team ...
  • Differences between young architects´ and non-architects´ aesthetic evaluation of buildings 

    Šafárová, Katarína; Pírko, Martin; Juřík, Vojtěch; Pavlica, Tomáš; Németh, Ondřej (Higher Education Press Limited Company, 2019-05-17)
    Previous studies showed significant differences between expert architects and laypeople in aesthetic evaluations of buildings. However, studies exploring the aesthetic preferences of architecture students are lacking. The ...